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401(k) Plans

We recognize that business owners are faced with a difficult and, at times, frustrating responsibility. In addition to running their company and growing their business, they are challenged with the task of selecting a 401(k) plan that balances their personal retirement needs, the needs of the company, and importantly - the needs of their employees.

Above all, we know that employees and owners understand the importance of their 401(k) assets and want help with their investment allocations. The traditional approach of providing an extensive line-up of investment options and leaving portfolio construction up to the individual participant simply does not work as intended. Participants make bad decisions at bad times as portfolios are cobbled together out of an array of equally bad investment options. The result is that both business owners and employees fail to capture the rates of return upon which their retirement depends.

We are aware it is critically important for your 401(k) provider to go beyond simply providing a menu of investment options. As a result, we construct and manage model portfolios for each participant. We have the capability to use low-cost, institutional asset class funds to build risk adjusted investment portfolios for your plan which removes the danger that a plan participant will make errors in investment allocation.

We primarily fill two niches in the 401(k) market.

  • Small businesses where the owner and owner's family are significant account holders in the company 401(k) plan.

  • Mid-size businesses seeking to replace a high cost conflict-driven brokerage arrangements with leading experts in portfolio design, retirement plan design, record keeping and compliance - and do so often at a significant savings relative to other options.


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